Brazilian Hair

Among the different types of hair extensions Brazilian Hair is currently one of the most popular. Brazilian hair is light, silky and lustrous in texture. More and more women, including fashion models and movie personalities are opting for Brazilian hair. Due to the light texture of Brazilian hair, it is effortless to wear and easy to maintain. With proper care, the Brazilian hair extensions will not mat or tangle. It will maintain its proper silky, lustrous state.

Brazilian hair is very compatible with other diverse hair types such as African-American or Caucasian. This hair is offered in a large variety including naturally straight, wavy hair for the look of bounce and fullness and curly hair for a hairstyle defined with curls.

Other companies use multiple donors for their Brazilian hair. But L’Avant Garde hair is from a single donor source and therefore virgin hair, which keeps the quality and texture intact. Virgin hair is also not chemically processed or altered in any way. L’avant Garde Hair sells good quality virgin Brazilian hair so you are sure to get these benefits and attributes.
If you are also looking for Brazilian hair extensions then you ought to know that hydration of the hair extension both before and after the installation is most important. Natural hair reacts well to a simple wash and deep conditioning. Our Brazilian hair comes with a guarantee that is genuine and safe to be used by anyone. However, for safety reasons you should inspect each hair shipment very carefully and ensure that is kind and quality which you ordered for.