I Whip My Hair Back and Forth

We couldn’t have been more honored to bring such big smile through our LGH Cares Program to Meghan Franz (sister of Sammi Ryan) when we found out she had been diagnosed with cancer at the young age of 26. Before cancer took her hair she wanted to take her hair herself and we were there to help. She cut her hair off and sent to us for us to make a beautiful custom LGH Unit with her own hair!!! Yes her own hair….check out her story below as she recaps with full details xo

A few months ago now, I received the absolute most amazing gift thus far. It came in the most perfectly designed package, a tiny black bagged case and a mermaid/ unicorn t shirt aside. It was long, and blonde… Have you guessed it yet?!

It was my hair!
 photo img_5230_zpsjahmntmo.jpg

When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer back in October, the most heart breaking thing for me was facing the facts… with chemotherapy comes alopecia or hair loss. I searched and searched for a way to not lose my hair. I was even ready to sign away a $5,000.00 check for “polar caps” which in essence freezes your hair follicles at the root for protection from the drugs. However, once my surgeon heard of my plan, he about jumped out the window, then decided to share with me his experience of these “caps” at the Cleveland Clinic where he saw young girls keep their hair… But also have their cancer spread to their scalps! Um, no thank you!!!!
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So, with my sisters and hubby by my side, my cousin and mom were on facetime, and my wedding videographer the amazingly talented Paul from Sholfilms was about to document one of the craziest things I have ever done in my life up until this point. I made the decision with my families encouragement to not let cancer take one more thing away from me… I would take away my own hair before I would ever allow my lucious locks to be lost in a bath tub or on my pillow during beauty sleep!

My sister was in contact with this amazing company L’avant Garde Hair. They heard about my story and so graciously decided that they could help! They instructed me to cut my hair off in multiple ponytails (a little less drastic than brittney spears) and send it to them so they could construct a wig made out of my own hair! How absolutely incredible is that?!

 photo 2_zpsham41yii.jpg

Details about my unit aka my gorgeous Goldie locks:

 photo img_4932_zpsuq0rcwg5.jpg

(^^^ Lace Front Wig: My real hair made into a wig!)

– My hair totaled to 1 bundle or about 100 grams of hair (aka I was nearly bald before with my thin stringy mane)

-They had to add in two additional bundles in color 16 in lengths 18/20 with a matching 14 closure (these are hair details that some people were asking about so just hang in there)

– My actual hair are the tracks right under the closure if you look closely you will see my highlighted hair and the difference between the other bundles

**I must do a special separate shout out to explain how incredibly thankful I am for L’avant Garde Hair. They literally gave me back my beauty! They made me feel pretty again and with all of that, my amazing wig was DONATED to me by them! I can’t even thank them enough for this special gift!

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