Indian Hair

Indian Hair is a great luxury item and it is highly valued as a hair extension. Like Brazilian Hair and Peruvian Hair, Indian Hair is also available as a hair extension in different sizes and texture.L’avant Garde Hair offers Indian hair extensions in various sizes and shapes that is virgin Indian hair, which is 100% human hair of good quality collected from a single donor. These consenting donors donate their hair as an offering to God. Indian hair extension is also quite versatile upon use. It can blend in with the original hair of the person using it as a hair extension or it can be used on its own in a fully closed weave.

At L’avant Garde Hair Indian hair is a great luxuriant variety amongst all dark color hair extensions. L’avant Garde Hair sells virgin hair in different shapes and sizes to suit their customers need and requirements. They have not been chemically altered or processed, just arranged in a certain form. In virgin Indian hair all of the collected hair from donors is arranged in such a way that all the hair cuticles are intact and lined up in a single direction so there is no tangling of the hair when it is used as a hair extension. Indian hair is also very durable in length, texture and form and some of our customers have reported using the same weave for as long as nine months.

L’avant Garde Hair has a strict procedure for inspection and quality control. They make sure that you do not receive any poor quality hair. They look out for synthetic fibers, non-remy human hair and animal hair. This ensures that you only receive all virgin high quality human hair which makes the wearer look fabulous.