Peruvian Hair

Peruvian Hair is a great luxury item and it is highly valued as a hair extension. Like Brazilian Hair, Peruvian Hair is also available as a hair extension in different sizes and texture. There are many online companies offering Peruvian hair extensions. Most of the reputable online companies offering Peruvian hair have virgin Peruvian hair, which is 100% human hair of good quality collected from a single donor. Peruvian hair is also very versatile, meaning that it can blend in with the original hair of the person using it as a hair extension or it can be used on its own in a fully closed weave.

L’avant Garde Hair offers Peruvian Hair and propagate their message that Peruvian hair is simply the best among all black hair extensions can be applied by anyone who is interested in fashionable hair extensions. Another striking feature in Peruvian hair is that its texture and smooth feeling is rare. If you apply your Peruvian Hair extension correctly then you can cut it in a salon, dye it or even flatiron it according to your needs.

L’avant Garde Hair has many varieties such as straight virgin Peruvian Hair, Wavy Virgin Peruvian Hair, Lace closure and Lace frontals.

Straight virgin Peruvian Hair is the original form of the Peruvian Hair. The original residents of South and Central America are of typical Mongoloid and Caucasoid racial origin and their hair is mostly straight, jet black in color, smooth in texture.

Wavy virgin Peruvian hair is from the people having mixed Negroid and Mongoloid racial origin. Wavy hair is a rarity among the inhabitants of Peru. Lace closure and Lace frontals are modified versions of virgin Peruvian hair. They have not been chemically altered or processed, just arranged in a certain form. In virgin Peruvian hair all of the hair is arranged in such a way that all the hair cuticles are lined up in a single direction so there is no tangling of the hair when it is used as a hair extension.