Parisian U-tip

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Avant Garde is a French term, which is used by many Parisians as French is their native language. It’s often used when referring to people or things that are ultramodern, innovative, advanced or ahead of its time. That’s exactly what our I-tips and U-tips are; they are one of the most innovative products used for extensions. Any woman wearing them is definitely ahead of her time. 100% virgin Human Hair. Each bundle contains approximate 100 strands of hair.

Product Details

U-tips are pre tipped with Keratin and come in Brazilian, Indian and Peruvian. U-tips are applied using a hot hair extension iron.

Bundle = 100 strands a bundle with each strand weighing 0.9 gram. The recommended strands for a full installation varies 150-300 strands depending on desired fullness.

Ordering any color other than natural,1B,1, or 2 can not be dyed any further to prevent lost of wave/curl pattern. We process the virgin hair in a delicate method to achieved these colors without altering the hair integrity. Custom Coloring can take up to an additional 10-15 days

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