Posh Dimepiece Clip-ins

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Posh Dimepiece Clip-ins- These are customized clip-ins designed by an LG stylist to give the best overall look of fullness without total commitment. They are quick and add no damage to your hair while adding length in minutes.

100% virgin Human Hair Each bundle contains approximate 4 oz of hair They measure as follows:
(2) pieces of .75" wefts with one clip
(4) pieces of 1.75" wefts with 2 clips
(2) pieces of 6.25" wefts with 3 clips
(2) pieces of 7.25" wefts with 4 clips

Shampooing instructions
1. Fill sink with cold water and mix in shampoo
2. Wash hair thoroughly in cold water in a downward motion
3. Do not brush hair while wet. Towel dry and let air dry
4. No setting is necessary. Curls will snap back into position when hair is completely dry

Photo Details

Model is wearing 18' Brazilian Glamour Wave
Model- Tae
Hair- LG Stylist Gabana
MUA- Reginald Raphael

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