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Length * NOTE: If you want 2 different lengths, select them above. If you want the same lengths update the quantity box below.
Top Color- Mermaid Collection * This will be 1/3 of the bundle color starting at the root
Middle Color- Mermaid Collection * This is for the 2nd or or middle color of a 3 color ombre. See color chart for reference If you only want a solid color select no, thank you for this option
Bottom Color- Mermaid Collection * Bottom (Ends) Color of a 3 color mermaid ombre See color chart for reference If you only want a solid color select no, thank you for this option
Add Clips * Select yes for this option if you wish to make your bundle a clip-in set
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Introducing the all NEW and long awaited Mermaid Collection where any color you want we can achieve. With this collection every girl can be whimsical, enchanting, and as colorful as she dreams. You get a chance to customize and create your own mermaid colors that are uniquely your own. Whether you want one, two, or three color bundles we can make it happen. Only vibrant colors can and will be found here. Are you ready to embark on something so under the sea hot even water can't put it out....then let's go 😉 xo

You can opt to have solid color mermaid hair or a mermaid ombre. If you wish to have a solid color mermaid hair select your color in top color and then no, thank you for middle and bottom color. If you wish for a mermaid ombre select each color in the place you like top color is your roots area and bottom color is the ends of the hair area.

Please reference the color chart to choose your colors.
*color maybe slightly different than color chart on hair*


Please note Pre-set Ombre are set-up to be selected for Top/Middle/Bottom Option not just one selection, as multiple colors cannot be put into one area. The colors must be spread, as seen in the color reference pictures of our Pre-set Ombres.

Please note lighter colors will NOT be done on Cali Wave
& Petite Kurly as too much of the pattern will be lost during the coloring process.

Product Details

All bundles are 3.5 oz and come in Brazilian texture


We do not recommend re-coloring any pre-colored hair. Extra care is needed to maintain quality and control over processed colored hair please keep this in mind when purchasing.

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