Coil Curl

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Coil Curl-

Our coil curl offers an extremely tight defined curl pattern straight to the end of the hair. Whether if you are looking for the perfect Afro look or a longer and fuller style desire of curls the coil curl is the perfect match. Become a true natural beauty.

Product Details

100% virgin Human Hair Each bundle contains approximate 3.5oz or 100g oz of hair.

Ordering any color other than natural,1B,or 2 can not be dyed any further to prevent lost of wave/curl pattern and is considered a custom color. The virgin hair is processed in a delicate method to achieved these colors without altering the hair integrity.Custom Coloring can take up to an additional 10-15 days

This style provides versatility and durability of wave pattern, but will lessen through continuous color, and straightening. If a massive amount of straightening is desired we recommend a different style, as we suggest this style remains in its natural state.


This is a custom style that requires up to 10 days to custom make. Feel free to email and check stock before orrdering. xo