What is LGH Cares?
LGH Cares provides women that suffer from hair loss due to certain illnesses/diseases; such as cancer, alopecia aerate, thyroid disease, scalp psoriasis, and many other with a free custom LGH Unit. A Custom LGH Unit/Wig Service is sewing technique on a special cap that allows for a flawless install without the actual preparation of having the hair sewn on to your head causing stress on the hair, the hassle of removal, and the inability to get to your scalp. It is U-part construction because of the parting section that is created in the unit combined with a 4×4 lace or silk base closure. The closure attached allows for no hair to be left out, which is a great option for anyone suffering from hair loss. You will be able to have the same versatility of your own hair and part in any desired way while creating a very natural look. It is a removable sew-in weave at your fingertips that will last install after install with the proper care.

Custom LGH Unit/Wig Includes:
• cap
• styling
• hair
• color service
• optional clips/combs

How do I get involved?
Donate to LGH Cares Program at www.gofundme.com/b499i8
Note: All donations are tax deductible.

What can the donor receive?
The benefit of knowing that they’ve helped someone through a tough time! Knowing that they helped putting a smile on someone’s face! Knowledge of hair loss diseases! Spotlight featured on L’avant Garde Hair website under LGH Cares section.

What can we give our donors as a “Thank You” for donating to our cause?
A small thank you prize.
*Prizes will vary.*

Our Commitment
L’avant Garde Hair creates custom LGH units for women who suffer from any condition that results in hair loss & extreme hair thinning. We believe that no woman should ever have to lose their ability to flaunt great hair. As long as were here, we are committed to making the world a better place!

Our Goal with LGH Cares
Bring awareness to hair loss diseases and diseases that cause hair loss.
Eventually to provide weekly one lucky girl a new reason to smile.

Who have we made smile so far?

Hailey & Rachel
LGH Cares had the pleasure of creating a custom LGH unit for Rachel on the left per her friends request Hailey on the right. Rachel is going through chemo and started losing her hair and Hailey didn’t want her to go at it alone and showed her support by shaving her hair too ☺ ️ what an amazing support system Rachel has. If you know someone battling any hair loss disease/ illness go follow @lghcares @lghcares @lghcares and nominate them. We wish all the best to Rachel & her family. Thank you for allowing is to bring a smile to her face Hailey xo

Meet Vanessa
LGH Cares Coordinator
Email: lghcares@lavantgardehair.com

Vanessa is a junior in college majoring in Chemistry in hopes to go to Medical school (Pre-Med Student). She plans to be an OB/GYN because she loves pregnant women and wants to help girls and give them the “talk” that most parents don’t give their children. She wants them to know things will be alright, and to keep up with their health. Her passion for helping leads her drive for charity work and continuously helping people. She also has a keen interest to do research for cancer to come one step closer to find a cure because she knows many people who suffer from it. So it was a no brainer for us to add her into our L’avant Garde Hair family to head our LGH Cares project. She displays an eager will to give back to her community and committed to helping make the world a better place since she was young. She presented this project idea to us, and we couldn’t resist but to make it a true realization. She loves LGH and we love her back. Join us in welcoming Vanessa to our team, as together we put many smiles among the faces of many women suffering from hair loss. Help us help others!